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'Sts Cyril and Methodius' Bulgarian Ethnic School

Teaching Bulgarian language, culture and history.

The founders of the BEFS believe a key influence in keeping strong cultural ties with Bulgarian language history and culture was in the education of children. These founders were instrumental in the creation of a school to teach our school aged children and grandchildren the Bulgarian Language and culture.

The curriculum is conducted in accordance with the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. The school is registered with CLSSA – Community Language Schools SA (previously the Ethnic Schools Assoc. of SA).

The School Principal is Nicholas Charles. The teachers Nicolai Kurtev and Evalin Brautigam are teachers who are native Bulgarian speakers. They have ably created a rich learning environment for their students and would welcome teaching your children and grandchildren.

The school operates during the school term every Sunday 2:00pm – 4:00pm. This is then followed by dancing classes with Alicia Stefanoff for those children interested.

Enrollments are taken at any time. Click below for a copy of the School Regulations

As a CLSSA registered school, all other school policies (including child protection policies) can be found at:


Please contact Nicholas Charles on 0400 561 748 or to register your interest.

Enrolled children and children participating in trial lessons must complete a CLSSA enrolment form before attending. This form is completed online and is available here:


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