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In 1928 large group of Bulgarian immigrants came to Australia with the intention to earn money for two to three years and then return home, however with the Great Depression many were unable to return to Bulgaria.

Many of these settlers purchased and settled on land in the Fulham Gardens area and created market gardens.

The next wave of migration came after the Second World


It was after this second wave of immigration that the idea was born to create a permanent place for fellow Bulgarians to meet and enjoy each other's company in congenial surroundings, so in 1949 the Bulgarian Educational and Friendly Society was established and continues to this day.

For further information check out these two pdfs

Click on the PDF icon to view a speech regarding the history of migration presented by John Bennett.

Click on the PDF icon to read the Jubilee Edition book that was written to commemorate fifty years since the establishment of The Bulgarians' Educational and Friendly Society.

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